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A Message from Secretary Marcia L. Fudge on the One-Year Anniversary of PAVE




We believe that home appraisals should be fair and unbiased for all.

We spoke with hundreds of stakeholders to evaluate the causes, extent, and consequences of appraisal bias.

Working as a coordinated team of 13 federal agencies, we developed a transformative set of recommendations to root out racial and ethnic bias in home valuations. Read our Action Plan to President Biden to learn how we’re fighting bias in appraisals.


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Get Help with an Unfair Appraisal

If you believe you’ve experienced discrimination during an appraisal transaction, we’ll connect you with a fair housing specialist to help you file a discrimination complaint.

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Need more information?

Get informed about appraisal bias by reading coverage of families who've experienced it across America and dive into PAVE resources and media.

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Join the Cause

We need your help to make appraisals and home valuation equitable for all. We want to hear your stories, ideas, and feedback about this website.

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