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Social Media Toolkit

Spread the word about the realities of appraisal bias, the strong solutions in the PAVE Action Plan, and more on social media.
This page features sample language and images for your use.

PAVE toolkit action item 1

Just one undervalued home can have a ripple effect on many other homeowners in a community.

The #PAVEActionPlan proposes strong solutions to halt the compounding effects of undervaluations. #EndAppraisalBias


PAVE toolkit action item 2

It has been more than 50 years since the Fair Housing Act became law, but the racial homeownership gap is wider than ever.

Enough is enough. #PAVEActionPlan #EndAppraisalBias


PAVE toolkit action item 3

The reality of disproportionately low Black homeownership is a lasting impact of redlining, systemic exclusion from loans and access to certain neighborhoods, and generations of disinvestment in Black communities across America. #PAVEActionPlan #EndAppraisalBias

Learn more: PAVE.hud.gov


PAVE toolkit action item 4

The opportunity to build wealth through homeownership, and the chance to pass that wealth on to your children, should not be limited by the color of a person’s skin. #PAVEActionPlan #EndAppraisalBias PAVE.hud.gov


PAVE toolkit action item 5

Today the Interagency Task Force on Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity released its #PAVEActionPlan to combat bias in home valuations and help more households enjoy the full benefits of homeownership. #EndAppraisalBias

Read the full report here: PAVE.hud.gov/actionplan