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Get Involved

We all have a role to play in promoting equity in the appraisal industry. Join the cause today.


Reduce Barriers to the Appraisal Profession

States have the discretion to codify standards above and beyond the baseline established by the AQB – and many do. View this dashboard that shows instances in which States (States, territories, and the District of Columbia) have imposed additional requirements for credentialing aspiring appraisers.


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Share Your Thoughts

We need your help to make appraisals and home valuation equitable for all. We want stakeholders—like you—to help inform, implement, and evaluate long-term, transformational policy solutions to radically improve the home appraisal industry and eliminate appraisal bias.

Fill out our 5-minute survey today to provide feedback on this website and help us learn how we can meet your needs.


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Explore Ways to Get Involved

  • Help the PAVE Task Force get the word out

    Spread the word about the realities of appraisal bias, the strong solutions in the PAVE Action Plan, and more on social media.

    Download PAVE social media graphics

  • Implement Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

    Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into your appraisal trade organization or appraisal management company (AMC)

  • Discuss Bias and Design Solutions

    Host a roundtable with member agencies of your appraisal industry trade organization or AMC to discuss the causes, impacts, and potential solutions to combat appraisal bias

  • Take Action to Diversify the Profession

    Seek opportunities to mentor, train, or supervise appraisers of color to help expand diversity in the appraiser profession

  • Support People Who’ve Experienced Bias

    Encourage people who believe they’ve experienced discrimination during an appraisal transaction to get help